5-Metre Class

The 5-Metre class was conceived in France 1929. Finnish designers brought Five to the Nordic market in mid-thirties and it is here it gained a tremendous success especially in Sweden and Finland. Five class was heralded an international status in 1935 and gained popularity even in Italy and Argentina. Between 1929 and 1950 some 300 Fives were designed and built.


The Five is lively and sporty three persons racing yacht growing in popularity again thanks to its moderate running costs, small crew, trailer mobility and active, friendly racing community.

5-Metre racing, Hangon Regatta

Upcoming races in 2021

The Finnish 5-Metre racing calendar of 2021 consists of total nine regattas, organised in three different cities; Turku, Helsinki and Hanko. Finnish 5-Metre Ranking Series 2021 is combined with seven regattas while Finnish National Championship will be organised in conjunction with HSS Champagne Regatta. The traditional Viaporin Tuoppi distance race will be sailed in mid August.

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