5-Metre Finland Association

5-Metre Finland is an association for development of 5-Metre sailing and racing in Finland. The association supervises and controls the 5-Metre rule technicalities together with the 5-Metre Sweden Association. 


Association aims for gathering all national 5-Metre fleets on a common platform and invites everyone interested in 5-Metre Class sailing or racing for discussion and development. If You have an interest in 5-Metre Class, or in look for a boat to purchase, don’t hesitate to take contact by mail: 5metrefinland(at)gmail.com, send a message +358 40 0709937 or participate in discussion on https://www.facebook.com/groups/5metrefinlandforum or find the latest news on: https://www.facebook.com/5metrefinland or https://www.instagram.com/5metrefinland/

Eero Lehtinen



Board members

Eero Lehtinen Chairman

Marianne/Team Åbo Båtvarf

Jussi Korhonen Vice Chairman/Economy


Jari Ullakko 5Metre Development Projects

Saga II 

Maria Mäkinen some 

Lina/Team Åbo Båtvarf

Alina Sippolainen some

Lina/Team Åbo Båtvarf

Mikki Tiilikka some, 5-Metre web shop

Röde Orm

Putti Tiilikka HSS Sailing Center & 5-Metre Grand Master

Röde Orm


Membership fee 2021

5-Metre Finland supporting membership fee is 10€/year. It not only gives you a piece of mind, but also entitles you to participate in 5-Metre Finland Ranking Series Regattas.

5-Metre Finland Yacht membership fee is 80€/year and it is required from every boat participating in 5-Metre Finland Ranking Series Regattas or 5-Metre Finland Championships.  Fees should be paid on 5-Metre Finland Bank account FI89 2082 1800 0707 94 and marked with person or yacht name and the year of membership.